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The Team

Who We Are


Joseph Thomas

Founder & CEO


Born and raised in the city of Philadelphia were I started my career as a tattoo artist. Traveled to many states and countries to leave my mark.

8yrs of experience specializes in what I call Hyper Realism/Surrealism Blk&Grey/Color tattoos. My style involves high volumes of contrast and dark tones to create one mind-blowing tattoo piece for each and every client.

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Johnny Cabrera

Lead Artist


Johnny Cabrera is originally from Miami FL, started tattooing at the age of 19! With a focus on versatility, Johnny has an extensive variety of styles to offer. Ranging from Black & Grey realism to colorful Animé and fine line works. Johnny travels all over the U.S. to tattoo conventions and aspires to be a worldwide artist. With an artistic background, he applies a stroke of genius to his conceptual tattoo projects.

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Kia Jones

Tattoo artist



Born and raised in Pennsauken, NJ,
Aquila Jones known as Kia, continuously pushes herself daily to learn all the aspects and techniques to tattooing. She is focused on stippling/Dot work style of tattooing, with black and grey fine line and color detail. 

Kia strives to create a lane in the industry with her unique artistic background she has.

Follow her on instagram @tattoobyarj

          Otari Iobidze

                      Tattoo Apprentice

Otari Iobidze was born and raised in the republic of Georgia. Since the very young age he had the passion for art. Started drawing on paper using pencil and charcoal. At age 14 he moved to the U.S, and thats when he started experimenting with different mediums. Then soon picked up oil painting, which took his art to the next level. His artistic background has helped him a lot in the process of learning how to tattoo. Challenge himself daily to become great at what he does is his big goal!.

              Follow him on instagram @artof2otari

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